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September 2004 - Newsletter

2004 Results
News Letter -  New Records -  Points -  Event Pictures -  Run Log
East Coast Timing Association

Volume 11, Number 6     September 2004
ECTA, 11241 Barnes Bridge Rd.,
Laurinburg, NC 28352

Maxton “Monster Mile”

September Meet

          Great event, great turnout, lots of fun for all. The weather was beautiful.
          Team Yancy blistered the concrete again with at least one 249 MPH pass.
          Bill Hoddinott had his blown Ardun powered ‘32 roadster out for a spin. Bill managed 142 MPH on his first outing.
          Wayne Jesel had their B/CT Dodge out for its first runs at Maxton. They had some clutch trouble but finished the weekend with a 211 MPH pass.
          Ace Allen had his Chevette out for a bid at the East Coast 200 MPH Club. After their success at Speed Week we were all overly confident and probably jinxed their effort. They still ran some solid high 190’s. They will get it in October.
          Willie Glass had his ‘29 roadster out running for the first time this year. He laid down
some nice 160’s. Not to shabby for a motor that only has three main bearings.
          Dave Owen’s Suzuki was running well all weekend with some great passes over 200 MPH. Dave has the neatest data recorder on his bike. Check it out next time he’s down.
          The Waddell Bros. were back with their unique Chevy powered Mazda. Had a successful weekend breaking the 175 MPH barrier and eventually running well beyond that. Could be another 200 Club member soon.
          Wanna have fun at the races? Just have a look at No Class Racing’s new H/CT entry. Put the whole family in for laps and goes over 100 MPH.

Points Minimums

          Results from the 9/25/04 open meeting discussions. Lots of positive comments.

          Reference to points system:
          Majority at the meeting want to see record minimums established for next year. The discussion and consensus was to set them at 80% of El-Mirage records and minimums. Which means you will have to run against minimums or existing records to earn points in ‘05. Willie Glass volunteered to do the car minimums. I sort of volunteered TJ Cannon for the Bike stuff. If he will do it, he will need some help, as there are a lot of classes to do.
          The other major topic was class jumping. We have always allowed this in the past, but for

next year the majority wants to limit this practice to engines only. Another words you can’t move a vehicle up in class unless you make the modification for that class. Example: If you want you’re Altered to run in Comp Coupe you must fit it with a belly pan or chop the top etc. Modified bikes could run a longer wheelbase to qualify as an A-frame. You would still be allowed to run up in engine size. Example: A “C-motor” could also run in “B”, “A”, or “AA”. Also a 1350cc bike could run in 1650, 2000 or 3000.
          We will really need some additional help in impound to verify all these class requirements. This will also make the points chase a different game than in the past.


          Thanks to all the volunteers for their important contribution. We can’t run without you. I especially want to thank Darrinn Cronin. If it weren’t for his time an effort we wouldn’t have been racing in Sept. Darrin came down Wednesday and worked all day Thursday and Friday cutting grass, sweeping, ducking Army parachuter’s and airplanes, setting up cones etc. Darrin thanks again.

ECTA '04 Season Finale
October 30-31.

New Class?

          Here is a new idea. How many would be interested in running on a specific MPH bracket (example 100 - 125 - 150 MPH) for a trophy. Closest one at the end of the meet to run the exact category speed wins. I’ll blame this one on Keith.

Hot Rod Magazine

          Don’t forget to look for the December issue of Hot Rod Magazine which should have a neat article about Speed Week in it.
ECTA 2005 Schedule

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