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August 2004 - Newsletter

2004 Results
East Coast Timing Association

Volume 11, Number 5     August 2004
ECTA, 11241 Barnes Bridge Rd.,
Laurinburg, NC 28352

Maxton “Monster Mile”

Bonneville Speed Week

          Wow, a huge meet, about 440 entries, and 181 new records. With at least sixteen being set by ECTA members. Absolutely perfect salt which made for some impressive speeds.
          Looks like Mike Nish went the fastest at 373.907 MPH in his AA/FS. Larry Lindsley had the fastest door slammer at 308.517 MPH in a B/BFALT Firebird. Joe Amo has the best sit-down bike with a super run of 240.913 MPH in MPS/BG-1000 Kawasaki. Sam Wheeler’s S/BG-1350 is now the fastest bike in the world at 332.410 MPH.
          Some of the ECTA guys setting records were as follows.

Cars:new recordold record
197Tonya Turk241.414223.388
462Dave Freiburger243.015224.512
983John Maffucci203.231176.442
Cars:new recordold record
3030Ace Allen246.107227.113
3030Scott Griswold251.430246.107

Bikes:new recordold record
Scott Guthrie Racing104.19693.867
Jason McVicar215.592206.162
Snart Racing104.19693.867
Jon Wennerberg191.613186.229
Nancy Wennerberg96.775Open

If I missed anyone please let me know.

          Only wish I had my car ready to run. The weather was cool (for August) the salt was hard and smooth. Well I did get my annual pilgrimage in and I had a ball helping out where I could. Real special watching Tonya and the others get in the 200 MPH Club. Next year is my turn for some good salt and a fast car.


          It’s time again to discuss the points run for ‘05. If you have a suggestion to improve the points system we can have a meeting Saturday Sept. 25 at the Pine Acres Lodge at 7:00 PM. We can also discuss record minimums and class changing as well.

Rules Changes

          If you have any suggestions for rules changes for 2005 please put them in writing and bring to the above meeting. We can discuss the new rule book as well.

New Class?

          Here is a new idea. How many would be interested in running on a specific MPH bracket (example 100 - 125 - 150 MPH) for a trophy. Closest one at the end of the meet to run the exact category speed wins. I’ll blame this one on Keith.

Hot Rod Magazine

          Looks like David Freiburger may bring the infamous Camaro back to the East Coast for a little fun and run in October. Chances are good he will write an article about Maxton, hmmm. So get your cars and bikes out of the back of the garage dust ‘em off, tune ‘em up and bring ‘em out to the season finale. Ya just never know it may wind up between the pages of Hot Rod Magazine.
          Don’t forget to look for the December issue which should have the article about Speed Week in it.


We're desperately in need of the following:

September Set Up Crew

Newsletter - Editor,
Writers, Mailers

Someone to takeover the newsletter dept.!

Tech InspectorsCar


Contact John @ 910-266-9868 or saltracer@servusa.Com

ECTA Schedule
May 29-30, June 26-27,
Sept 25-26, October 30-31.

September Meet Set Up Crew

          Change of plans. I won’t have the car ready to go to the WOS meet in September to get some racing in. BUT WE WILL STILL DESPERATLY NEED A VOLUNTEER WORK CREW. People who can prep (mow all the tall grass off the track), sweep the track, pack the sand/clay in the rough spots, set out the cones, put up the canopy, haul the trailers to the track, etc. Please call Darrin at 828-625-1332 to volunteer. Or call John at 910-266- 9869.

Race Fuel

Don’t forget you will be purchasing your fuel in 5 gal containers from now on. If your running a gas class you will need to get your tanks sealed at the Impound tent or by an inspector.

Hope to see you all at Maxton in September.