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May 2004 - Newsletter

2004 Results
News Letter -  New Records -  Points -  Event Pictures -  Run Log
East Coast Timing Association

Volume 11, Number 3     May 2004
ECTA, 11241 Barnes Bridge Rd.,
Laurinburg, NC 28352

Maxton “Monster Mile” Memorial Day Classic.


          Another racy weekend. Fabulous weather, rained Saturday night, delayed Sundays start by about two hours. Warm again, with a little Maxton HP from time to time on Sunday.
          OK we sure did miss Joe Timney again. I did my best with the timing tower, and we did have a time slip printer this meet. The good news is he will be back in June to work his magic in the Tower. The down load went better too, so hopefully you’ll be getting this newsletter much sooner than the last. Jon & Nancy Wennerberg are going to be helping with the mailing this month.
          As you may have heard T.J. Cannon went down on his scooter. First serious bike incident we ever had. All the safety measures we put in place seemed to have worked and fortunately T.J. is going to be just fine. A broken bone in his
foot and one in his hand. A nice dose of pesky road rash for good measure. Jeeez what a great story to go along with the crutches when he gets back to school. Now will the girls believe him or not?
          Yates Racing’s Firebird stayed on top of the points list again. Increasing their lead even further over Koenig Bros. Racing’s Camaro. Phil still has half the season to go so there is plenty of time to make up the difference. But after three years of hard running you may have to freshen up that motor Phil.
          Joe Ledford in his Lead Foot Racing street roadster set top car speed of the meet at 184.268 MPH. By my calculations that should be at least a 204 MPH at Bonneville and a potential new record there too. Good luck Joe.
          And speaking of bricks, I mean unaerodynamic vehicles. Andy Anderson had his sweet Aerofist Racing Chevy Nova topping out at an amazing 161.815 MPH.
          Richard Rodgers got his Camaro to post a 140.327 MPH pass. Not bad. These guys have been thrashing all winter. Had a setback last meet, but were back working hard for their new record. We may see Richard break 150 by the next meet.
          OK, on to Scooters. Scott Guthrie now has two bikes on the top of the points list. Ken Weavers OFOS Racing bike with T.J. Cannon at the helm has dropped to third by just 26 points. There is still half the season to go so they shouldn’t have to much trouble earning those

points back again.
          Scott is running un-faired with bike #2 and ran a strong 208.434 MPH. He also took Rich Yancy’s #8 to another “Top Bike” and “Top Speed of the Meet" with a blistering 240.166 MPH run.
          By the way Rich does ride his own motorcycle from time to time. He managed to tuck in those long arms and legs and posted a 232.998 MPH record.
          Don Smith was “Mr. Consistency” averaging from a low of 148.221 MPH to a high speed of 150.637 MPH all weekend long. Not bad for a 750.
          Thomas Cronan had the Snart/Sportster humming along with a best of 139.162 MPH. Thomas also ran the Champion Motorsports bike to a 182.234 MPH record pass.
          Guy Caputo came back and ran an impressive 221.735 MPH nitrous pass. I think this is within 2 MPH of the best run at Bonneville. Jim Owen, Guy upped the bar a little.
          One of ECTA’s more colorful racers, and all around great guy, William VanDyke brought his unique twin engine Harley back again. He got it synchronized enough to post a 132.499 MPH run.

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Fabricating Tips
by Joe timney

Have you ever had a drill bit squeal like a pig, instead of removing hardened metal or stainless steel? Those number drills getting dull after one hole? Next time, try a dab of Elmer’s Glue! That’s right, that white stuff that you used back in Kindergarten class. The lard in the glue will help lube the drill. The glue will also keep the chips from flying all over the place.