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April 2004 - Newsletter

2004 Results
News Letter -  New Records -  Points -  Event Pictures -  Run Log
East Coast Timing Association

Volume 11, Number 2     April 2004
ECTA, 11241 Barnes Bridge Rd.,
Laurinburg, NC 28352

          Maxton “Monster Mile” April Craziness

              April Showers! Not a one.

          Another great meet. Gorgeous weather again, warm, with a little Maxton HP on Sunday
          Sure missed Joe Timney, Susan Miller, Debbie Henemen, and oh yeah Todd Dross. All had other obligations to fulfill. So Tonya and Keith Turk jumped in and helped with some of the vacant positions. And did a fantastic job too. Thanks guys.
          By the way, Susan, Debbie and oh yeah Todd will be back again for the Memorial Day Classic.
          We did have some trouble with the time slip printer and down loading the data from the timing ‘puter, but after much great effort Debbie got sorted out. Thanks Deb.
          Sorry all yawl’s newsletter is late, but we’re blaming it on Keith, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
          Yates Racing’s Firebird made it to the top of the points list again. They also increased their lead by a few more points over Koenig Bros. Racing’s Camaro. Brett Yates also had “Top Car” speed with a 182.149 MPH pass.
          On the dark side, oops, I mean bike side, of things. It looks like Darth Va..., I mean, Scott Guthrie is increasing his points lead over Ken Weaver’s OFOS scooter. Scott did make several nice 210 MPH runs on his #2-B scooter.
          Scott also had the “Top Bike” and “Top Speed of the Meet” again, on Rich Yancy’s fantastic #8-B at a blazing 241.890 MPH in the APS/BF-2000 class.
          Other noteable runs were Jim Owen at 218.648 MPH in MPS/F-1350.
          Melvin Pentilla in the nice little #306 C/FMS at 169.975 MPH.
          And Tom Bruch’s amazing 1L, three cylinder GEO spitting out a 108.910 MPH in I/GCC.

We're desperately in need of the following:

Newsletter - Editor,
Writers, Mailers

Someone to takeover the newsletter dept.!

Tech InspectorsCar

Maybe we can get Tonya again!

Contact John @ 910-266-9868 or saltracer@servusa.Com

ECTA Schedule
May 29-30, June 26-27,
Sept 25-26, October 30-31.

What’s going on?

          Hey all you car guys! Ya’ll need to get those new projects finished and out to the track. The scooter guys are killing ya’ll with their attendance numbers. The ECTA membership is up the bike count is up and their just killing ya’Il with all those 200 MPH runs.
          Somebody needs to build that “Ultimate Maxton Streamliner” and start kicking some butt here. Enough is enough, this has gone on for far to long now. If anybody has the gumption I’ve got a few design ideas to help out.

ECTA Run Guidelines
1) Upon arrival at the track, sign insurance waiver & receive armband.
2) Get registration form from Registration Trailer. Specify if you need a Car or Motorcycle form.
          a. If you don’t have a logbook purchase one at this time.
          b. If you don’t have a vehicle number get one at this time.
3) Completely, accurately & legibly fill out registration form.
          a. All drivers must be listed & sign the form.
          b. Class must be specified.
          c. The primary driver & class listed on the form WILL BE your first class & driver.
4) Report to Tech Inspection area with the following:
          a. Vehicle.
          b. Completed Registration form.
          c. Completed Logbook.
          d. Class must be correctly displayed on vehicle.
          e. All drivers’ gear must be inspected at this time.
          f. Form must be signed by inspector(s) if approved to run.
5) Return to Registration Trailer with your signed registration form & your wallet.
          a. If any of the listed drivers are not a current member they must pay for membership.
          b. If joining as a renewed or new member, make sure you get your rulebook.
          c. All drivers must get a drivers’ armband.
          d. Pay all fees.
          e. Receive your inspection sticker to be placed on your vehicle as follows:
                    · Bike: On front right (as you’re sitting on bike) fork or fairing covering fork.
                    · Car: On front right (as you’re sitting in car) of the windshield.
          f. If you want a different driver then the listed primary to run first or would like to run in a
            different class then the change should be made at this time. A class change may require
6) You’re now ready to go to the start line to run.
          a. If you’re driving your race vehicle under it’s own power ensure you are in full gear.
          b. Obey the 35mph speed limit on the access road.
          c. No passing on access road unless signaled to do so. (Many vehicles not equipped with mirrors)
          d. There are 3 staging lanes, generally the towed vehicles will use the left most lane.
          e. Be observant that you don’t cut in front of a vehicle turning around to get in line.
          f. The starter or starter steward will dictate the order of run. You must obey their instruction.
          g. The Starter will positively indicate when you are clear to run. If you have ANY doubt, ask!
7) While you’re on the track:
          a. If you are in need of emergency assistance pull to the left of the track.
          b. If you need non-emergency assistance pull to the right of the track.
          c. If there are any problems on the track (debris, fluid spills etc) stop on the track or stop at
           the shut down steward. Do NOT wait till you get to registration, by then it’s too late!
8) After your run go directly to Impound tent. Do NOT go to your pit first!
          a. Pull to the front of Impound tent, off of the main road & immediately cut off your engine.
          b. Retrieve your time slip.
          c. If you want credit for the points or the record report to Impound.
          d. Impound will verify that your driver & class are valid & properly displayed.
          e. Impound will then verify that your vehicle is legal to run in the class.
          f. Upon passing Impound inspection, your time slip will be signed & record recorded.
9) You are now free to run again.
          a. If you want to run a different class report to the Registration Trailer.
          b. If you want a different driver to run report to the Registration Trailer.
          c. It’s a really good idea to take a minute to inspect your vehicle before making the next run!
* This is a guide for your convenience. Refer to the rulebook or an official for further clarification.