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March 2002 Meet Pictures

2002 Results
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The Banquet was a blast with 115 people in attendance!

Lionel's Dash - so he knows exactly what the "production" dash should look like! hehehe

Grass Roots Motorsports

Kris Henderson Racing

McMeekin Brothers
Steve Knecum
On 2:30 Sunday afternoon Steve had a 234.375 MPH run, the Fastest pass ever at Maxton! And on two wheels.
Todd Brooks started off the meet with a 202mph run on his Hayabusa! That earned him membership to the 200 MPH Club. He ended the meet with a top speed of 212.264 MPH
Karen Batts fuels up with VP Race Fuel. They are now the official fuel of the ECTA! Karen went on to run a 144 MPH! You go girl!

Racers wait at the start line for their turn to go!
Even if you're not racing the folk around there know how to have a good time! There's usually cold drinks, hot coffee & food a plenty to help make a good time!
Paul Batts takes a run on Roadkill, the Sportster List Race Team Bike. Art takes one last look before the run. Paul went on to get a record at 172.088

A vintage entry pulls in at the last minute to make one run Sunday afternoon. There's dedication for ya!