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October 2002 - Newsletter

2002 Results
News Letter -  New Records -  Points -  Event Pictures

East Coast Timing Association

Volume 9, Number 8
ECTA, 11241 Barnes Bridge Rd.,
Laurinburg, NC 28352
910-266-9868 or 404-433-9306

          Well, The last meet of the year has come and gone. Again, we had perfect weather and more important, no incidents what so ever! Now we have 5 months of cold winter to deal with before our next meet! Oh well, there’s some of us that need five months to fix all the things that got tore up in the past seven. We have our new points champions for the year and both the car and motorcycle points chase were very close. Our new car champion is the Waddell Brothers, Shade Tree Racing Volvo street entry with a total of 2510 points. Our new motorcycle champion is the Sportster List Race Team with bike #4007 “Roadkill” with a total of 1926 points. Congratulations to both team for a Hard Fought Battle, and I hope you had fun! Fast time of the meet was set by Scott Guthrie riding one of his Suzuki Hayabusa’s at a speed of 214+ MPH. There were 400 passes over the weekend and 39 new records set. Lets get to the cars first.

          Like I said earlier, The Waddell Bros won the Points Championship but it wasn’t easy. The Yates Team came into the final event only 24 points behind and with a run of 176 MPH actually went into the lead on Saturday afternoon. Larry and Frank had a couple of runs in the 140, and 150 range, but after they saw what the Yates had done they stepped up the NOS big time and laid down a 173+ MPH record for the points lead. They weren’t finished though; Frank wanted to retire the old Volvo with a pass of 175MPH or better. So he and Larry kept trying all day Sunday and finally came up with a pass of 175.633 for the Record in C/BFSS and the Championship. Great Job Guys, the checks are in the mail!

          Number 2 in this year’s race is last years Champion Brett and Regan


          Yates. With a total of 2484 points they came close to being our first repeat Champions, but since were not playing with hand-grenades, close don’t count. Anyway, they still had a great year and at the last meet set the C/BFMR Roadster record at a fast 176+ MPH. By the way, this car is FOR SALE, and is RACE READY. So if you could use a Fast Roadster (‘27 “T”) Call Yates Racing at (770) 928-9517. Congratulations Guys!

          Number 3 in points is “Doc” Lewis Grubb and his pure stock Infinity Q45. “Doc” Finished 10th last year and did a great job this year with a car that only goes 125 MPH. From all the money he saves from not having a truck and trailer he could probably put a roll cage and other safety equipment in this thing and run on up in the 130’s anyway. Good job Lewis!

          Numbers 4 and 5 went to the Rynd Boys Racing. They were unable to attend this meet but had already had a great season and will be back hard at it next year.

          Number 6 went to newcomer Graeme “Rabbit” Bartils and his beautiful “North GA Fabrication” (which he owns) 1932 Ford Roadster. This car is powered by a late model Cadillac O.H.C. Engine. “Rabbits” best speed was a fast 160+ MPH run that was real close to the D/GR record (162). Good Job!

          Number 7 went to Phil Franz and his “Koenig Bros Racing” late model Camaro. Phil was unable to set his record up this meet but still earned points and had a pretty good finish. Congratulations!

          Number 8 in the race came out of nowhere. It was past champion Keith Turk and Rookie driver Tonya Hanley in Keith’s “So-Al Racing, Wachovia at Work and Play” 1980 Camaro. Tonya was able to

set the Record in AA/CBFALT at 166+ MPH which moved them a long ways up the points ladder. This Team may be going to try and run for the Number 1 plate next year. Good Luck!

          Lawson Bilhardt and his “Black Bird Super Coupe” T-Bird finished Number 9 in Points and also upped Lawson’s Record with a great run of 148+MPH in E/PS. Good Job Lawson!

          Number 10 is Don McMeekin and his fast Buick Skyhawk. Don earned his “Red” Hat at Bonneville this year at 215+ MPH. At this meet he set the D/GALT record up to a fast 185+MPH. This great looking and fast car is also FOR SALE. Give Don a call at (614) 891-2265.  Good job Don! 

          “Ace” Allen was back down with his Comp Coupe Chevette and getting faster all the time. “Ace” had a fast pass of 190+MPH for the A/GCC Record. He’s got a new paint job on the Chevette and it looks great! See you next year “Ace”.

          Horace Whitten was back with his SS Impala, and while he didn’t set any records this time out he still finished 12th in points. This is another car that needs safety equipment to run up to all of it’s potential.

          Randy Dupree and the Dupree Racing E/GL were back up from Florida after having some problems at the last meet. Things went better this time, but the team didn’t up their own record. They’re heading in the right direction though.

          Nicholas Stewart was also not able to up his own record (106+) with his Briggs powered Go Cart. The little Cart is still Maxton’s fastest though. Bob Gribble had his NASCAR T-Bird back with us this meet and the “Muscle Motor Sports Bird” went a fast 205+ MPH for the new record in A/GCT. That also was nearly fast speed of the meet for cars, but

another NASCAR T-Bird showed up? New member Robert Hustler had a “New” ‘97 Winston Cup T-Bird and after getting use to the track and making license passes, reeled off a great 206+ MPH run. While not a record (unsealed gas tank) this car has got a lot of Potential.

          Kris Henderson came back over from Nashville with his 1950’s Jaguar street machine. This is another fast streetcar with a fast pass of 176+ MPH for the new record in C/FRS. 

          EJ Kowalski and Team were back down with EJ’s “NEW” ‘23 T Roadster. This is a great looking car and ran fairly well for a new car and it’s first time out. EJ’s friend,

           Fillerbrown was also back down for the first time this year with his good-looking M/Roadster. He’s still working some bugs out but ran in the 160’s with his car.

          Willie Glass and his “Wasted Willies Flatheads” Ardun Powered Roadster was also back down
from VA with “Jiggly Bits” His new Ardun powered plant. All didn’t go exactly as planned when the clutch exploded on the start line and tore up a lot of stuff. Hopefully “Wasted” can save the block and have “Jiggly Bits” back out next year.

          Chuck Panner had his “Second Child Hood” ‘82 Camaro back out and while not setting a Record, still ran fast and had a great time. Chucks car has a 273 Cubic inch V-6 for power.

          Chad Bolles and Pat McCutchen had their ‘95 model Jag back out for the second meet in a row. They managed to run in the 130’s with this beautiful car. They’re building a “Real” racecar and hope to have it finished by springtime.

          Scott Griswold had his “Warp One” Racing ‘67 Chevelle back down from Delaware running on a classic alt

record. He managed to set AA/CFALT at 140+ MPH. After he got home he found out that the NOS line was blocked and that’s why he didn’t go any faster. Scott says he’s running for the points title next year. Good luck!

          Tom Southard and Sandy Sainz had their little MGB back in action this meet and Sandy was able to set their G/GRS record up to 98+ MPH. Not to far off an even 100 for the S&T Racing Team.

          Pete Brown had just bought a 1994 Caprice Police car in Colo., Drove it straight to Maxton and ran 127+ MPH Not Bad! Jeff Isaacs made his second race of the year and was able to set 3 new Real Street Records with the well-built ‘69 Camaro. The fastest was 162+ MPH in AA/GRS. Jeff is planning on making all the races next year and maybe even try his hand at the points race. Good luck Jeff!

          Dan Cooper also made his second race of the year with his new Camaro. He ran for time only and had to keep it under 125 MPH. Dan’s also trying to put a real racecar together for the future. L G Faircloth brought out his new 2002 T-bird. He also had to keep speeds under 125 MPH with this great looking car.

          Another new member is William Harsh Barce and he took on the Maxton Mile with his ‘94 F-150 C/PP Truck. He came within 1 MPH of setting the record (115+) but couldn’t get the Ole Ford to run any faster this meet. Maybe next year!

          Another pickup was the entry of Kuntz-Jackson & Lindley S-10. This is a great looking truck fresh off of setting their record up at Bonneville (180+). They also set their record up at Maxton in the D/MMP to a fast 166+ MPH. Good job guys!

          Flat Out Racing was also back with their good-looking Studebaker

Avanti. They ran some 170+ MPH speeds but couldn’t set their B/PRO record up any. They should be able to Next Season!

          Roy Speed loaned his “Wild Hare Racing” ‘23 T Modified Roadster out to friend Sonny Thompson who promptly took one of Roy’s records at 137+ MPH in D/GMR. Roy’s making some changes this winter and looks to go faster next season. Good luck!

          Last of the cars is the Beautiful Pink Corvette of Beckett, Williams, and Timney Team. While the car is improving with a pass of 168+ MPH for a D/BGT record, we still have some work to do over the winter. Also Joe Timney and myself would like to say that we did NOT have ANYTHING to do with the color of this car! I’m thinking that a blind monkey couldn’t do any worse at mixing paint. Anyway, maybe John will paint it lime green or some other color over the winter. Well, that’s all the cars and now it’s time to say a word or two about the scooters.

          We had another large motorcycle turn out and, as usual several new records were set. Also, after a year long points battle The Sportster List Race Team came out on top with 1926 points. The bike “Roadkill” had at least three riders over the six-race season, including Paul Batts, Ray Kimbro and the bikes owner George Crim. All three did a good job and kept the powerful Harley at the top of the points from the third meet on. This meet they put in a 1340 engine so they could run on some 1350 records. It all paid off with the Championship and a fast pass of 151+ MPH in A/PG-1350. George also set three other records over the weekend. Great Job Guys!

          Who would have thought a Harley would win against all the super

fast Suzuki’s? Speaking of which, The Double Busa Team finished second with a total of 1830 points. Todd Brooks had hurt his good Busa engine at the September meet and could not make repairs in time for this meet, meaning he had to run a stock Hayabusa engine. Todd could have made the points race a little more interesting with a little more HP, but still had a great year with himself and team mate, Todd Dross both getting in the ECTA 200 MPH club. Good Job Guys (and DahMurf)!

          After giving up the points race earlier on in the season, and missing one meet all together, Scott Guthrie “Mr. Motorcycle”, put together a strong finish and ended up number 3 in the final standings. Scott also had fast speed of the meet with a beautiful pass of 214+ MPH. In fact Scott set three new records over 211 MPH with his red Hayabusa. Scott also brought along his 400 Yamaha and managed to set a handful of records with it. I'm pretty sure that Scott is going to run for the number one plate next year. Time will tell. Good Luck!

          Number 4 in points is Chris “Dad” Land and his Cast Iron Sportster. “Dad” had a pretty good year, all in all. What with setting his class Record at B-ville and running 155+ MPH at Maxton. He also had a couple of fires on his Harley, which is real interesting to watch from the pits! This meet, he set the A/PF-1000 Record up to 147 MPH and, much to the dismay of the hundreds of fans standing along the edge of the track, didn't catch on fire! Better luck next year “Dad” and Good Job.

          Number 5 in points in the Yancy Racing Team of Rich Yancy and his Budweiser red Hayabusa. Rich also got in the 200 MPH club earlier in the year and ran as fast as 210+ MPH this

meet. Rich has a little trouble tucking in, being that he's closer to 8ft tall than he is 6ft. Anyway, he gave Scott Guthrie a run for fast speed of the meet and had a great year anyway.

          Number 6 and Number 7 both go to The “Old Farts On Speed” (OFOS) Team of Jim Cannon, Ken Weaver, and Jim's son TJ Cannon. Ken ran his trusted late model Sportster, and while missing two meets this year, still was able to finish pretty high in the points. Jim has been helping TJ learn how to ride fast and this Team may also make a run for the point’s title next year. Finishing Number 7 is not bad for a “Student”. Good Job!

          Mr. Clean AKA Mark Wolniak, had a new bike out for this meet and while not adding any more points, did manage to set the APS/G-750/4 up to a fast 160+ MPH (Could this be because Kat was with him this round?) He still had enough points to keep him in the 8th place of the point’s race.

          Another Harley in the Top Ten is the Gregory Town Racing Entry of Rick (AKA “Slide”) and Barbara Denham. Rick's good looking yellow Sportster went as fast as 146+ MPH, which gave him the APS/PBG-1350 Record for a few minutes, before George Crim took it away (Could this have been to impress Jodi that came with him this time?). Still he earned enough points to put him Number 9 in the final standings. Good Job!

          Rounding out the Top 10 is Mike “NO MUFFLER” Shedd and his half Buell, Lone Eagle Racing entry. Mike went all year without setting a record, but he’s getting faster all the time, and while finishing 10th in points, he gets the LOUDEST PIPE award for the forth year running! Anyway, maybe The Lone Eagle Team can find some

HP over the winter and get Mike back in the record book next season.

          The SNART Racing Team of Larry and Jo Young along with Lee and Shannon Tindall had their 883 Sportster out as usual and set 3 New Records, the fastest being 125+ MPH in the MPS/PBG-1000 class. Had they made all six races they would have been in the Top Ten. Maybe next year.

          Some more new guys to Maxton were the Team Acceleration of Don Camlin and Kirk Gustafson. They had a couple of neat 750cc Harley flat track racers with them. The fastest record was set over a 135 MPH in the M/PF-750 class. Maybe they'll bring them back next year and get a little faster.

          Jim “Snidely” Snyder came back down with another Sportster List Race Team entry. Jim set two records with the fast Harley, the fastest being 157+ MPH in the A/PBG-2000 class. Good job Jim!

          Two Hundred Club member, Bergie Frazier was back with his fast Kawasaki motorcycle. He set three new records over the weekend with the fastest being a 202+ MPH run in APS/F-3001+ class. Bergie’s teammate Joseph Gaudette, also set a record with his 750 Yamaha at 152+ MPH in the APS/BF-750 class.

          Wayne Pollack and his beautiful black Flying V Racing Hayabusa was back in action. Wayne got in the 200 MPH club last meet and set another record at 205+ MPH, in the MPS/F-1350 class this meet. Wayne always seems to be having too much fun!

          Chuck Bowyer, running the RC’s Performance Suzuki set the APS/G-3001+ Record at a fast 203+ MPH run. This also puts Chuck into the ECTA 200 MPH club. Good job Chuck!

          Sidney Conn was back in action with a couple of his Moto Guzzi

motorcycles. Sidney set the P/PP-1000 Record up to a fast 138+ MPH with one of his entries. Good job Sidney!

          A real neat entry was the 1967 Harley Sprint 250 of Rosie Pennell. Todd Dross of Twin Jugs Racing has been helping Rosie on her bike and Rosie was able to set the M/PG-250 Record at 77+ MPH. Friend Debbie “DahMurf” Heneman then got on the bike and went 76+ MPH for the M/PF-250/4 record. Their going to run this bike next year, so I guess we will find out how fast a Sprint really is?

          New member, Jack Harrison, entered his 1350 P/P Suzuki for this race. After getting use to the track and so forth, Jack had a best speed of 184+ MPH. Not good enough for the record, but pretty darn fast on a stock bike.

          Vincent Hill came back down from Washington, DC to race with us again. Here's another guy who's having too much fun! Vincent had his 2000 Model Kawasaki 1200 running in the MPS/G-1350 class. His best speed was a fast 182+ MPH. Not good enough for the record, but still good enough for an ear-to-ear grin!

          Past member Kristian Hahne came back down to race again and brought along his stock Suzuki Hayabusa. Kristians best speed was 175+ MPH. Not bad for knocking the rust off.

          Booger Smith had his 500cc Buell blast out with us again. Booger could not set his own record up but still had speeds in the 107+ MPH range. Booger’s got an old knuckle head Harley lying around somewhere. Maybe he'll bring it back out next year.

          Jess Feeback is also new to the Maxton Monster Mile and he entered his little 400cc Kawasaki. Jess had a

          top speed of 90+ MPH while getting some seat time on the concrete.

          Jeff “Jeep” Stewart had his Harley 1650cc Super Glide back down again. “Jeep” made several runs with the fastest being 138+ MPH. Good news is he took it home in one piece. See ya next year “Jeep”.

          Rich Grove had his “Don’t Be Scared” racing Kawasaki ZX-12R entered in the APS/G-3001 class. While not setting any records this time out he did manage to run a fast 190 MPH.

          George Leiby made the trip to Maxton again with his 1993 Honda CBR 900. George made several runs with the best being 147+ MPH. Good job George.

          James Hanson was also back for his second meet in a row with his good-looking 1999 Suzuki. The motors been bored out to a big 1400cc on this bike and it showed with speeds in the 196+ MPH range. Not the record, but getting closer.

          Ed Tilley, who ran a little 50cc Aprilla earlier in the year, showed up with a 1982 Morini motorcycle. I don't think I've ever heard of one, much less seen one. Anyway, Ed managed to get 97+ MPH out of it. Not bad.

           Last of the bikes is William Ackerman’s 1300cc Suzuki. William managed to get 187+ MPH out of his bike this meet. Not bad for a new (to Maxton) entry. Well, that's all the entries for out last meet of the year. Everyone has 5 months to get ready for out 2003 spring meet. Thanks to all our Competitors, Fans, and Volunteers for another fun, safe year. See ya in the spring!


Thank You

Perhaps you sent flowers, a beautiful card o4r perhaps spoke a kind word, offering your condolences. All of my brothers, sisters and I would like to thank everyone for their kindness concerning the loss of our Mother.

Joe Timney