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September 2002 - Newsletter

2002 Results
News Letter -  New Records -  Points -  Event Pictures

East Coast Timing Association


Volume 9, Number 7
October 8, 2002

ECTA, 11241 Barnes Bridge Rd.,
Laurinburg, NC 28352
910-266-9868 or 404-433-9306

September Meet

          Well, after a long summer lay off, the September Maxton meet finally arrived. Things really didn’t look all that well before hand, as a tropical storm was heading up through the Eastern United States. We must have had 50 phone calls wanting us to try and predict the weather. Then Tuesday morning came word that ECTA Chief Timer, racing partner, and probably more important good friend Joe Timney had lost his Mother. Of course Joe was not able to attend the meet, but he did walk and talk us through the Timing System. We ended up losing a few runs, but it was not as bad as I had figured. Of course everyone’s thoughts and prayers were with Joe and his many brothers and sisters.

          On to the meet. It was a blast. 45 Motorcycles and 24 cars. Perfect weather, 400 plus runs, 2 new 200 MPH club members, No serious accidents (1 small fire). Oh yeah, I learned not to stand in a hill of red fire ants! The ECTA point’s race is getting tighter with only one race to go. Numbers 1 and 2 in both cars and bikes have run off and left the rest of the field and should prove to be exciting in October. Top speed of the meet was a 211+MPH by Richard Martin on a (Surprise) Suzuki Busa. More on Richard later.

          Frank and Larry Waddell came into this meet with a thin 2-point lead over last years points Champions, Brett and Regan

Yates. After it was all said and done, the Shade Tree Racing Team now has a 24-point lead. They also upped the Record in A/FSS to a fast 173+ MPH. Now for the bad part. Frank was trying to better their speed when the engine started locking up. Don’t know what happened, but Larry said something about Frank trying some 5W-Nothing motor oil. I hope that’s not it, but for me if it don’t say 50 weight on the can, don’t pour it in. (My opinion, not necessarily the opinion of the ECTA, SCTA, NHRA, NASCAR, IHRA, ADBRA, and Jimbo the Monster Truck Car Crusher). Anyway I think they have another “C” motor and it looks bad for the Yates Team.

          Speaking of which, Brett and Regan Yates did manage to set the C/BGMR record up to 161+MPH. They didn’t have enough gear to push the car any faster in all the head wind, and if their going to repeat as Champions, they’ll have to find some serious HP in the next 30 days. Even in the intense points battle, Brett still found time to loan the Waddell Brothers a couple bags of Sugar. What a nice guy!

          “Doc” Lewis Grubb was back in his Infinity Q45. I don’t think that Lewis worked on his engine any over the summer, but he did install some new chrome wheels. They must have helped, because Lewis ran a fast 128+ MPH and is holding on to 3rd place in points. Chrome may not get you home, but it looks good while your waiting on the roll back.

          Numbers 4 and 5 in the point’s battle go to the Rynd Boys Racing Team. The “Old Man” Bill Rynd had his ‘29 Ford Flathead Roadster running pretty well at 125+ MPH. Then with quite a bit of tuning, he was able to slow down about 10 MPH. What in the heck can you tune on a Flathead anyway? Son, Joshua Rynd helped out all day Saturday in the Timing tower, but got some time off Sunday to run his Super Street Truck. He was able to go 109+ MPH and decided NOT to let the “Old Man” tune on it any. Good idea.

          Graeme “Rabbit” Bartils had moved into the #6 spot in the point’s race. His Northstar powered ‘32 Ford Roadster ran within 1 MPH of the D/GR Roadster record

(162) Rabbit used to work on NASCAR teams and it shows in this workmanship. Over the last year or two, he built a 1969 Camaro for Jeff Isaacs. The car is a piece of work with Corvette front and rear suspension and a big block Chevy engine. While Jeff is a new member and first time Land Speed Racer, he managed to set the A/GRS record up to a fast 162+MPH, and there’s more left. Hope to see you again soon, Jeff. “Rabbit” also put some safety equipment in his friend Bob Merickles 1964 Dodge Polara. This is an X Drag car that runs on the street now. It has a blown 440 engine and Bob was able to set the A/BGSS record at 145+MPH “Rabbit” is from Down Under (Australia) and now lives in Dahlonega, GA, were he builds racecars and street rods. “No Worries Mate”.

          Phil Franz was back down with his Camaro, and while he didn’t set a record with the good looking car, he did manage 15O+ MPH, and that speed helps keep him in 7th place in the points.

          Lawson Bilhart was back with us with his Black Bird Super Coupe T-bird. Lawson was able to set his old record in E/PS up to a fast 143+ MPH. This also puts Lawson in 8th place for points. Lawson also brought us down some batteries to run the Timing System with. Thanks!

          Ace Allen had his Chevette Comp Coupe all painted up and looking good. More important, he had a brand new parachute system that seemed to work perfect. “Ace” was able to better his record in A/GCC to a fast 182+MPH. “Ace” is still feeling his way up and I think will be running over 200MPH before long.

          Stephen Shepard was back down with us, and he brought a couple of his old racecars. Between the two, he was able to set 4 new records with a best speed of 102+ MPH in G/BFSS. This was in a VW Jetta. His other car is a road race Renault.

          Keith Turk had a Mule engine back in his ‘80 Camaro, and while he didn’t make any passes himself, he let Tonya Hanley make some License passes and she even set the record in C/CFALT at 133+ MPH. As far as I know, they didn’t

blow up any motors, transmissions, etc., About Time. Good going Tonya!

          The father / daughter team of S&T Racing had their little “MG” back down for the first time this year. Tom Southard set his old record up to 95+MPH in G/GRS. Daughter Sandy tired to go faster but Tom had already tore it up!

          Scott Griswold had his 1967 Chevelle back down from Delaware for the first time this year also. He’s ran as fast as 175 MPH in the “Brick” before, but this time he tore the Automatic Transmission out. Oh well, he still had a great time and says he’ll be back in October with a straight shift.

          Nicholas Stewart had Duncan’s Go Cart back for more action. He ran as fast as 106 MPH before with the Briggs powered cart. Things didn’t go that well this time out, and speeds were in the 90MPH range. Still pretty fast for a lawn mower engine.

          David Graffunder was also back with us, and had his 1929 Ford Roadster running again with ‘49 Flat head power. He didn’t set his record up, but he’s still plugging away in this good-looking car.

          Pete Brown came up from Florida with his D/FSS T-bird. Pete holds the record, but could not better it this time out. Maybe next time.

          Sonny Thompson had his good-looking ‘39 Chevy Street Rod with him. Perhaps he should have left it in Alabama. Oh, he was having a good time, right up to the point where the rods came out of the oil pan! Hope it’s not to bad, but it probably is.

          We had a few new cars and members this time also. The first is Mac McKee and Max Wensel and their good-looking 1957 Oldsmoblie. This car has a 3 Deuce 455 Oldsmoblie engine in it and looks great. On one of this first runs, a fuel line came loose and he had a small fire. Thanks to our shutdown crew and Fire and Rescue, they got it out before a lot of damage was done. Mac and Max said they will be back before long.

          Chad Bolles brought out his 1995 Jag XJS for a few runs. He is building a true racecar, but wanted to go ahead and

get some seat time in. He, and pal Pat McCutcheen were able to get their 125MPH license. Hope they get their real racecar finished before long.

          Peyton Collie had his 1964 Chevy Impala out to play and was able to run a little over 100 MPH with the 283-powered car, not bad.

          Fred “Rick” Reynolds had his late model Neon out for the first time. He was running for time only, but still got some good seat time in.

          New Member, David Moore had his little 2300cc 4cly. Turbo out to try out the Maxton concrete. He did fairly well for a first timer and hopes to be back in October to improve on his speeds.

          Well, that’s about all the cars that showed up for this Bike Race. I tell you it looked like a Suzuki, Harley Davidson show room, except for one thing; most of these bikes are a whole lot faster than show room condition!

          As I said earlier, Richard Martin had fast time of the meet with a great 211.764 MPH charge on a 205 record. He had his 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa entered in the MPS/G-1650 class. GP Racing of Miami prepared the bike and engine, which among other things, has been bored out to 1450cc. Good Job on fast time and the New Record! The motorcycle point’s race is really starting to tighten up.

          The Harley Davidson of the Sportster List Race Team remains in First Place. Ray Kimbro rode the bike at this event and done a very good job. The Team didn’t set any records, but had a best speed of 169+ MPH, which keeps them in first place, at least for the time being.

          The #2 bike in the points is the fast Hayabusa of Double Busa Racing. Todd Brooks rode his good-looking bike to a fast 197+ MPH record in M/BG-3000. While this was a good speed, the Team wanted a little more and went back out for another hard pass. Things didn’t go to well, as the big Suzuki throwed parts out of the engine case. Todd Dross and Mr. Brooks will have a busy 30 days putting this thing back together if they are to stay in the race. Good Luck.

          “Mr. Motorcycle” Scott Guthrie missed the June meet, but was back with two bikes for this meet. His Red Hayabusa ran a fast 193+MPH and while this is not a record, it puts him in Third Place for the time being. Scott also set 5 other Records before he was done. Had Scott made the June meet, he would be right in the middle of the Championship hunt.

          Chris “Dad” Land was back racing with us after a successful trip to Bonneville. He helped Tech bikes, and helped me in impound. He still found time to take his Cast Iron Sporty out for a run. He might should have stayed in the pits as he lifted a head and had a another fire. Didn’t hurt anything to bad though, and will be back for the October meet. Also his run was still good enough to keep him in Forth Place in the points hunt. “Dads” bike may be the first one to have fire bottles installed!

          “Mr. Clean” Mark Wolniak had his new Suzuki 1000cc Sport bike back out again. This time he set the M/G-3000 Record up to a fast 161+ MPH. This also moves him into fifth place points wise and should be in good shape for the October meet.

          200 Club member Rich Yancy was back on his Budweiser Red Busa. He had friend Lee Shirts along and together they ran a fast 208 MPH. Not good enough for that one record but it puts Rich in 6th Place.

          Seventh in points is “NO MUFFLER” Mike Shedd. He’s been working all year on his new 500cc Harley Blast but has yet to set a record. Except for NOISE record. Don’t matter, Mikes having a great time and will soon hold a speed record. Looks like he’s got a lock on a top 10 finish.

          Paul and Karen Batts had their good looking Harley Davidson Buell back out. This thing has got a near stock engine and Paul was able to set the APS/PG Record up to a fast 156+ MPH. Karen also rides this bike, but I don’t think she did this meet. Probably because she helped us out all weekend in the Time Slips, etc. department. Thanks Karen! This record also keeps Paul in 9th place, points wise.

          Didn’t mean to skip # 8 in Points Rick Denham, he had been working on his Sportster and while he ran pretty good he was 1 mile per hour shy of the record. I think the head wind slowed a lot of these bikes down a little and maybe we will have some Maxton Horse Power next meet.

          SNART Racing was back with their good looking and running 883 Harley. They too, were a little shy of setting the Record up (3 MPH) but they are in 10th place in points.

          Wayne Pollack is a distant 15th in points, but don’t think he really cares. Mainly because he rode his good looking black and chrome Suzuki into the ECTA 200 MPH Club. Wayne upped the APS/F-2000 Record from 203+ MPH to 205+ MPH. Good job Wayne and see you in October.

          Bob Shammas also joined the 200 MPH club with his Shammas Motorcycle Performance Blown Fuel Kawasaki. That’s right a 1000cc Kawasaki. This is one Bad Scooter! Bob set the MPS/BF-1000 record up from 202+ MPH to a faster 206+ MPH. Good Job.

          Steve Mullen had his Night Rider.com Harley Davidson out for the weekend and left with the APS/PBF-1650 Record at a 137+ MPH. Pretty fast Harley, Great Bike.

          Joseph Gaudette of “Don’t be Scared Racing” had his 750 Yamaha out for some runs in the APS/BG-750/4 class. After a few runs he had set the record up from 149+ MPH to a faster 151+ MPH.

          Dale Thomas was riding the “Old Farts On Speed” entry of Ken Weaver. Jim “Keno” Cannon was tuning a bike so Dale had his work cut out for him. He still managed to set the M/PF-1350 record up to a fast 138+ MPH. This also places Kens bike in the #11 place in points, only 1 point ahead of “Booger” Smith and his Harley Blast. “Booger” was about 5 MPH off his record, but could easily move into the top 10 at the October meet.

          Another new member is Vincent Hill. Vincent use to road race in the ‘70s and ‘80s. While this is his first trip to Maxton, he still was able to set the M/G-

1350 Record at 159+ MPH. Good Job Vincent and hope to see you back soon!

          Another new entry at Maxton was the Iron Works/Carl’s Speed Shop 2002 Harley Davidson Soft tail ridden by Doug Morrow. This is one good-looking motorcycle. With a 119 cubic inches of S&S cycle engine, a Baker 6 speed transmission it runs real well too. Doug set 6 records, with the faster being a great 166+ MPH in M/PG-2000. Iron Works is a Magazine for American Street Bike Riders. Marilyn Stemp, a member of the ECTA, is managing Editor and they plan to do a story on their efforts at Maxton. It’s a good-looking magazine and you may want to get a Subscription so you wont miss anything. (1-800-669-5613 to Subscribe) Hopefully Marilyn, Carl, and Doug will make it back up to race with us again.

          DragBike.com also was at the meet with their Velocity Racing Suzuki Hayabusa. This is one Bad motor scooter and should be a threat for a record in the future. Rider Barry Henson had some fast passes but not what he was looking for. Maybe next time. Check them out on their web site.

          Jeff Stewart was back for the first time since he blew the top end off his engine at our last race of year last year. All is well with the Harley now and while Jeff “Jeep” didn’t set a record he had a good time just being able to run again. Also, “Jeep” drove straight from the rained out USFRA Race at Bonneville, (Bummer) so he was ready for a little sunshine.

          We had about 20 other entries in the Motorcycle class, and while most of them ran good they were not able to set a record at this meet. They include 200MPH Members Dan Millholland and his sons Chad and Zack. Bergie Frazier on his good-looking 2000 Kawasaki ZX12R. Randy Lazenby on his 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa, Mark Brownlee from Southwest Super Bikes and his Hayabusa. Robert Sams on a 2000 model 1200cc Kawasaki. Long time member Chris Flippen on his 2002 Yamaha 600. Richard Sandarg on his Hayabusa. Jaime Barden on his 1052cc 1991 Kawasaki. Brian Rodgers on his

2001 ZX12R. Steve Bova was back down from Connecticut on this good-looking Suzuki Busa. First time racer Fred Brown on his 1993 Yamaha 1000cc 4 cyl. Jim Owen and his NOS equipped ZX12R Kawasaki. Frank Mole and friend James Hansen were back down from New York with their Suzuki’s. Guy Caputo, from Tiger Racing also on a Suzuki. Rick Grove on his ZX-12 Kaw. Tony Rice was back on his little 250cc Kawasaki Ninja, Tim Haig on this 1361cc Kawasaki. You could say we had Motor Scooters everywhere! What a great meet. Thanks to all our Volunteers and Competitors. Make ‘em Faster and see you in October.


Lionel's Corner

          Like I said in the Newsletter, what a Great Meet. We couldn't have pulled it off without some serious Volunteer help! From Track clean up, Tech, Gate Keepers, Start Line, Timing Tower, and Timing Slips. Someone stepped up and really helped us out. My Thanks to everyone and I hope I didn't fail to mention anyone. Special Thanks to Susan Miller, who worked three long days in registration. Deb the “Murf” Heneman for coming up with a Timing Slip Program on her own computer to really help us out in Joe Timney’s absence. This is just a couple, here’s a list of the rest.

          Rick "Slide" Denham, Mike "The Muffler" Shedd, "Dad" Land, Brad Johnson, Jim "Keno" Cannon, Sandy Sainz, Jo Parker, Tonya Hanley, Joshua Rynd, Joe Roberts, Matt Roberts, Jim McDonald, Scott Guthrie, Air-tite Barnes, Steven Locklear, David Locklear, Lawson Bilhardt, Karen Batts, Todd Dross, Larry "SNAL" Young, Thomas Cronan, Beth "Jo" Cannon, Scott Griswald, John Ellsworth, Mike Poteete, and Anita Dismore.

          It seems no matter what, we are going to have someone with a gripe or two. I can understand that because I have a gripe or two myself. We have to have Competitors and we have to have Volunteers. That being said, I don't expect everything to always run smooth. If you are a Competitor, Please do not jump on or yell at our Volunteers. Yell at ME. No, I don't like it, but I can take it. I damn sure don't like someone yelling at our Volunteers. So if there is a problem, please come see me or John Beckett!

          We also have some Competitors that have NOT gotten their Competition Number yet. Please call Chuck Kalbach (SCTA) at 760-868-6059 and get your number now. I will not be able to award points on a Temporary Number, and it makes everything a lot easier to keep up with if you have your correct number.

          We're thinking of adding a New Class called “How Stupid Am I?” It's for the people that tell us in Tech that their not going to have a wreck or fire, so they don't need any safety equipment. Thinking we will award points on the number of stitches you get, or skin grafts, which ever is greater. If you kill yourself, you will get a life-time achievement award. I've had at least three people that can't understand why they have to have a roll cage or roll bar when a motorcycle don't. Cause it’s the rules, so Read the Rule Book! And if you have a 20 year old race car from some other form of racing, update it please, we really don't want anyone hurt, and we DO want you to race!

          Also, I've heard rumor that Susan AKA “Flipper” is thinking of awarding each team who does not clean up their own pit area before they leave, with special mention in future newsletters. Maybe this is one award you would want to avoid?

          If anyone would like to help out at the next meet, Please call John Beckett (910) 266-9868, Susan Miller (828) 628-4948, or myself at (404) 433-9306. Thanks again to EVERYONE. Lionel

Fall Swap Meet

          Don’t forget the swap meet at our Season Finale on the 26 and 27th. Bring all your old junk. Set up a table and maybe you can make some money for your winter race project.

Membership 2003

          To make life easier on our bookkeeper, memberships for 2003 will be from Jan 2003 to Dec 2003. So sign up early and get your full number of ECTA newsletters.