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June 2002 - Newsletter

2002 Results
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ECTA Newsletter
Volume 9, Number 5 July 26, 2002
ECTA, 11241 Barnes Bridge Rd.,
Laurinburg, NC 28352
910-266-9868 or 404-433-9306

Hot and Humid

          Forecast for a great Bonneville Tune up meet. Hot and Humid! Yes, Sports Fans, it was Hot and Sticky for both race days, with no rain, and no wind to speak of. Nevertheless, we had a large turn out of cars getting ready for the trip west. Our motorcycle count was down a little, but they still managed to turn in some great runs including Top Speed of the meet again. (207+, Todd Brooks) Everybody’s speed was down a whole lot.

          Bob Gribble, of Muscle Motorsports, was back with us after missing a couple meets. We were all happy to see Grib and Linda back! He made up for lost time with a couple of runs over 203 MPH, good enough for the record in C/FCT. Bridgetti Krompass also made a couple of runs in Grib’s car, but could not better his speed this time out. This complete car is built out of used NASCAR parts and always runs great. (If you need good parts cheap, give “Grib” a call at 704-948-1040 or Toll Free at 1-877-6MUSCLE.) Grib has rooms at B-ville, but I'm not sure which car he's taking out.

          Keith Turk had his trusted Camaro back out for the first time this year. He's changed almost everything and was trying to get a little seat time before B-ville. He made 3 or 4 passes with a best run of 155+MPH, well short of what the car is capable of, but he still got some much needed seat time. Most of his crew gave him a big thumbs up for his effort. Good luck at B-ville, Keith. Speaking of Keith, he also drove Randy Dupree's little yellow Lakester again, and again set the E/GL up. This time the record run was a fast 170+MPH. Randy’s going out to B-ville also, but I'm not sure if he's taking his car.

          Lawson Bilhart and crew were back down with Lawson’s ‘90 Ford T-bird. Their going to Bonneville in September and run in the USFRA’S 130 MPH class. Lawson had several runs in that range this meet so he should be in great shape for B-ville.

          Don Biglow and Bob Dauernheim made their first trip to Maxton this year, but did not

bring Bob's fast Lakester, however, they did bring Don's ‘32 Ford Roadster, which is out fitted with a blown big block Chevy. The car is a real street rod, and Don was busy fixing a lot of small things. He still set the A/BGSS record at 135+MPH. Bob said that the Lakester will be ready for B-ville with a fresh small block. Good luck guys!

          Clem Roberts, crew chief Mike Poteete, birthday girl Anita, and son Damit, made it back to Maxton with a fresh transmission in there for good looking U/DT. According to “Damit” the dam transmission worked fine but the dam fuel pump quit. Damit! Clem’s still making plans for Bonneville and we all hope things start going better, for “Damit’s” sake. By the way, Clem still ran 135 MPH at only 3000 RPM. This truck will be fast when all is well. Good Luck!

          Tom Bruch and Dave Fisher came down to Maxton with one of Tom’s 3 cyl. Metros. They have the greatest time with these little cars and motors. This time, between the two of them, they have set 4 records with the 993cc Metro. Their best speed was a fast 101+mph. Both will be in Bonneville, and usually set several records a year out there. Good Luck!

          EJ and Ed Kowalski had their Kowalski and Lewis special 1929 Ford roadster back together, with a blown 1950 flat head Ford engine. They were working the bugs pretty hard, and finally set the XF/BGR at a fast 146+mph. It looks like their ready for B-ville. Good Luck!

          Speaking of 1929 Ford Roadsters, “Wasted” Willie Glass had his car back down with “Red Rash”, an awesome Ardun engine. Willie’s been working on this engine for a while now and it shows. Off the trailer he went 172+ MPH on gasoline. This thing's as fast as a small block Chevy and didn't cost but about 20 times

as much! Just kidding, Willie, call off the dogs! Good Luck in B-ville!

          Jim Davis, of Flat Out Racing, had his brand new Studebaker Avanti II racecar out for test runs. Test he did, and also set the record in B/CPRO at a fast 175+ MPH. This car looks great, and was very well built. I think Jim and crew will be taking it to B-ville, Good Luck!

          Gary Weldon had his Watson and Weldon ‘28 Ford Roadster back down from the great province of Ontario, Canada. While they could not set their own record up, they still had some great runs in the upper 150’s and appeared to be ready for their trip to B-ville. This car is powered by a 460”Nail head Buick and the tow truck is an early 50’s Ford. NEAT!

          Calvin Smith had his Pigasus Racing 1927 Ford modified Roadster out again. I wish I had something good to report, but Calvin had several problems and did not complete a pass. I'm hoping that none were so bad that the car is not ready for B-ville. If it makes you feel any better Calvin, you won first place in the car show - (If we had one). Good Luck on getting the repairs done in time.

          Don and Dick McMeekin had their McMeekin Brothers Racing ‘78 Buick Skyhawk out again. The car sounded and looked great, but speeds were in the upper 170’s. Not what Don was looking for, I’m hoping the heat had a lot to do with it. Their still planning on a Bonneville trip, and I think they will be alright. Good Luck, guys!

          Ace Allen and Jim Warner had their Comp Coupe Chevette back down for more practice runs. Their still having a small problem or two but will get things sorted out before long. Jim ran a 166+ MPH Saturday afternoon but destroyed a parachute and did not run anymore on Sunday. They're going to B-ville anyway, and I wish them lots of luck.

          Sam Samson had his good-looking “She Bad Too” 1934 Comp Coupe running well for his tune up for Bonneville. He's had several runs in the mid 160’s, and everything appeared to be in fine working order. See ya at B-ville, Sam, and good luck!

          Gary Hart had a “New” 1953 Studebaker Hawk down for some shake down runs. This thing has a blown Big Block Chevy, and is completely street legal. Before the weekend was over, Gary had set the AA/BGALT record up to a fast 179+ MPH. There's more, so I guess Gary’s

saving a little bit for his trip to B-ville. See ya in August, and good luck!

          I think that's all about our cars that are planning a trip out west, but we still have plenty more to write about. We’ll start with the points race contenders. Frank and Larry Waddell were back down with their trusted Volvo. They came into the weekend with a slim two point lead over the Yates Racing Team. As usual Larry drove first, because, if Frank drives first, there's usually not much left. Larry had some good passes and had set the B/FSS record up to 162+ MPH. Good, but Frank wanted more. He went out and somehow got the ole Volvo up to a great 173+ MPH. TWICE!! Didn't hurt a thing. I hope you guys go ahead and send the local Hot Rod shop a little money. They've grown a little dependent on Frank, you know. When the dust finally settled, they STILL had a two point lead over the Yates Team.

          Speaking of the Yates Team, Brett and Regan had their ‘27 T running pretty good, with a 176+ MPH pass for a new record in A/FMR. Both teams have 3 months to think out their positions and see what they can do to improve. Both Yates and Waddell are running N.O.S., and I would hate to be a piston in either of these engine come September! Good Luck to both teams.

          Lewis Grubb is setting pretty in third place and could still win it if both No # 1 and No # 2 should sell their cars and take up fishing. Who knows?? Otherwise, Lewis is having a great time in his 125 MPH Infinity Q45 and set a record this meet in A/FSS. Mr. Grubs best run was 127+ MPH.

          No # 4 and 5 belong to Bill and Joshua Rynd. Bill had his 29 Ford Flathead powered Roadster running well with a best pass of 128+

MPH. Joshua set the AA/MP Truck record up to 111+ MPH.

           It will take some doing for anyone else to crack the top 5, but it can be done, just ask Graeme “Rabbit” Bartils. He and “RED” had his beautiful ‘32 Ford Roadster out for only the second time this year, and moved into the 6th place with a great run of 150+ MPH. This car has a Northstar engine in it, and is really a nice car.

          Phil Franz is in 7th place with his good-looking ‘85 Camaro. He was a little bit short of setting his own record up this meet for he’s had fuel problems. With 2 meets to go, I think he’ll stay in the top 10.

          Nicholas Stewart had his cart running gas this time out. Ran pretty good too! He set the LX/GS cart record at 80+ MPH. That is only 26 MPH off the same cart running fuel. Big difference in a small motor! The Stewarts are taking their carts to the USFRA meet, by the way.

          Larry Saccone brought down his good-looking 2000 Honda S2000 convertible. He had done a nice job installing some safety equipment, but still needs a few things to be able to run over a 150+ MPH. However, he still set the G/BGMS record at 135+ MPH and appeared to have a great time doing it.

          Andy Anderson also is a new member with a good-looking 1967 Chevy II. This car has a 427” Big Block engine, and set the AA/GRS record at 142+ MPH. Good Job!

          Glenn Majors came to a meet earlier in the year with his ‘67 Firebird. He didn't have any safety equipment and was limited to 125 MPH. Well, he put in a roll cage, etc. and now has two records with the best pass of 134+ MPH in A/CGC. I'm thinking there's a lot left here.

          Stephen Shepherd came back over with a couple of his many racecars. One is a 1984 Renault with a 1500cc engine. Even though it didn't run as well as he thought it should, he still set 4 records. Fast speed was 92+ MPH in E/BGALT. He also drove his ‘87 Ford tow truck to a new record in D/PP at a 100+ MPH. A pretty good weekend, if you ask me!

          David Graffunder had his ‘29 Ford Roadster back in action, sort of. He had problems out of his trusted flathead, and did not complete a pass. I guess bad luck is better than none at all! See you in September!

          Another car and member is Dan Cooper and his 2002 Camaro. While this is not a

racecar, Dan was still able to get some pretty good runs in at around 125 MPH (the limit for this type of car with no safety equipment). Dan says he's hooked, and is going to build a real racecar. Great!

          Sonny Thompson has still not finished his Lakester, and was getting a little bored, I guess, because he entered his new Chevy pickup in C/PP. Sonny's going to B-ville with the Clem Roberts “No Class Racing” Team this year. Have Fun!

          Another new comer is Jack Jones, and his road racing ’69 Corvette. This is a big block Chevy powered racer that looks kind of funny going straight, but Jack ran nearly 180 MPH with the car and had a good time doing so.

          Roy Speed had his Krompass and Speed ‘23 T modified Roadster out of the first time this year. While Roy didn't set any records this time out, he did make Sherri Land's day. “Dad’s” girl had just turned 16, and Roy let her make some license passes with the car. She managed to earn a “D” license before the weekend was over. Good Going, Sherri!

          Horace Whitten had his 1996 Impala SS back out again. Horace has a great time with his good-looking Impala, and as usual kept the speeds around 125 MPH. Get that safety equipment and Go Faster!!

          Charles Simons and Hugh Hiott had their 4 cyl. powered ‘29 Ford Roadster out to play again. Talking about doing things the hard way! They hadn't built any of this stuff in years. Anyway, they had transmission problems, and were not able to their V4/FR record up anymore. Better luck next time! Tim Schoeny had his Phase IV Motorsports Honda CRX back out for the first time in a couple of years. While Tim had his car running pretty well, he was not able to break the

H/PRO record. Hopefully Tim won't wait another 2 years to try again!

          Last, but not least, was the new entry of Mel Myers. Mel brought down his 1997 BMW for a few runs in E/PRO. Mel’s car still needs some safety equipment for runs above 150, but he still had fun, and ran a handful of runs in the 130’s.

          Well, that’s all of our CAR entries, On to the two wheel racers. Like I said earlier, we didn’t have a large number of bikes this meet, but the ones we had made a lot of runs, and set top speed of the meet for the fourth time this year!

          Todd Dross had brought down Todd Brooks bike last meet, while Mr. Brooks took care of family matters (He and his wife have a new baby girl.) Well, both Todd’s took turns on the Suzuki Hyabussa until Todd Brooks took top speed of the meet with a run of 207.550 in APS/BG-3000, upping the old record by one MPH. The Brooks bike “842” is in second place in the bike points. Good job Todds!

           No. 1 in bike points is the Sportster List Race Team with bike # 4007 “Roadkill”. They didn’t set any records this meet, but earned a lot of points anyway. This is one strong Harley! George Crim and crew are planning a trip out to Bonneville in Sept. to run with the USFRA. Good Luck, guys!

          Chris “Dad” Land was on hand with his record setting cast iron Sportster. “Dad” is tuning up for B-ville and ran a super 151+ MPH in APS/PF 1000 for another new record for the Lone Eagle entry. “Dad”, along with racing partner Mike “THE MUFFLER” Shedd, does a lot of the ECTA’s tech, and has really been helping us out. It looks like the Conyers, GA gang is more than ready for B-ville this year. See ya in August ! Speaking of Mike Shedd, he had his 500cc 1 cyl. Buell HD running a little better with runs in the 103 MPH range. He still needs to find a little more HP out of the little one lung, but I think he’s on the right track. By the way, Dad is a strong 3rd in the points race and Mike is No.# 7.

           Tony Rice came back down to Maxton for the first time this year with his little 250cc Kawasaki motorcycle. He set the record in MPS/G-250/4 up to 98+ MPH. On a cooler day, or with some tail wind, I believe this bike could go well over 100 MPH. Good job, Tony!

          Larry Young and Lee Tindall were back with their 883 HD Sportster. Don't let the size fool you. This is one strong Harley! This time out

the SNART Racing Team set two records with a top speed of 128+ MPH. This moves them into 14th place in points, with 2 meets to go.

          Mark “Mr. Clean” Wolniak was back again with his 1000cc Suzuki, and while not setting up his own record, did manage to gather enough points to move into 5th in points.

          Paul and Karen Batts were also back down to visit again, and also were a little shy of setting up the record that they were running on. They’re No.# 9 in points right now, and can probably move up some more this fall. Paul and Karen's bike is a 1998 1200cc Buell, always looks sharp, sounds great and runs well.

          Rich Yancy had his Red Budweiser Haybussa back out again and made several runs over 200 MPH. Not good enough for any records this time, but good enough to keep Rich 6th in the points race.

           “Booger” Smith came over with his 500cc Buell, and also was unable to improve on his record. He still has passes in the 107 MPH range, which is pretty fast for a 1 cyl. bike.

           Rick Denham came back up from GA with his show quality HD XLH. This is one fast 1290cc Harley! Probably because of the heat, Rich was also unable to reset his old record, but he keeps plugging away, and is in 8th place in the points race.

          Jon Wennerberg and wife Nancy (from way up North) are getting tuned up for a trip to B-ville, and Jon had some speeds in the upper 190’s. Seems tuned up to me!! Good Luck at Bonneville! Jim “Keno” Cannon and crew, including his son T.J., were back on hand with a couple of bikes. They didn’t set any records, but TJ is getting plenty of seat time, and may run on the points race next year.

          No, I didn't forget “Mr. Motorcycle”, Scott Guthrie. He had other commitments, and could not make this race. It's the first race he's missed in a couple of years, and drops him to 4th in this year's points race. See you at Bonneville, Scott!

          Well, that about covers the ECTA June Bonneville Tune Up & SWEAT meet. I hope everyone has a great and safe summer, and I look forward to seeing everyone at B-ville or Maxton for our Sept. meet.

See Ya,

  Lionel “Where's My Coffee” Williams

Lionel's Corner

          Ready for Bonneville - As of today (July 16th) the BWT (Beckett Williams Timney) Team has nothing ready. It's not that we waited to the last minute, just to much other “Stuff” going on. Does anyone else have these type problems?? We had a great tune up meet with a lot of people that got started on their projects before we did I guess. My firebird is near completion. Brad Johnson had already completed a lot of work on the car before I traded for it. He's still helping out quite a bit and we've also teamed up on a couple of new engines for next year. Jonathan “Air-tite” Barnes has also helped out a lot with sponsorship from “Air-Tite Photos”. He will also be the primary driver of the firebird. John Backus from Ohio, has also helped out and will get some runs in the car. John Beckett has at least 6 months of work to do on the Corvette. That in itself is not a problem, 30 days is. We will see...

          Jon Amo, from Denver Colorado came out to our tune up meet. He had a great time and hopes to come back in the fall. Check out Jonathan’s web site Landracing.com He keeps everyone updated on the world of L.S.R. The Amo brothers and the ECTA will be hosting the third annual Salt Talks get together and party at the bend in the road on Tuesday, August 13th. 6:00 pm at Bonneville. All are Welcome!

          Joe Timney and Gary Wilkinson (USFRA) have been working on a totally new timing system for some time now. At the tune up meet it worked GREAT with no problems at all. This is a great system that can also be used as a gear tune-up tool, because of the third light in the middle of the traps. Good Job, Joe and Gary!!

You could call the temperature at our tune up meet a “get used to hell” for some of us, and of course, we could not have done it without you volunteers. Thanks also go out to competitors. We've got to have both!

          Anyway, got to go and hang a rubber chicken off my rearview mirror. See ya at B-ville!