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May 2002 - Newsletter

2002 Results
News Letter -  New Records -  Points -  Event Pictures


Well, the May meet is in the books. Lady luck was with us again and we had a near perfect weekend weather wise. A little hot, but almost no wind what so ever. We had 59 new records set or broken out of 320 runs. No mishaps of any kind on the track, and we were all thankful for that. The bar for top speed at Maxton and fastest motorcycle was again moved up! 235 and change! The unusual black tire marks 1 mile long were still there from the March meet. However Larry Forstall and rider, Steve Knecum thought they needed a fresh coat of rubber applied. By Sunday morning, Steve had put 5 new coats down for 5 new records and top speed of 235.152 in APS/BF-1650 on a old record of 225+. Steves slowest record was 224+ pass straight off the trailer, good enough for the APS/BF-1350 record. Larry’s bike also had three other records at 229+, 234+ and 234+. Larry and crew had thoughts of riding this bike home but Steve thinks they might at least need to look at the bottom end. Knowing Larry, they will find some more horsepower while they are in there. GOOD JOB!

We also had three new members added to the ECTA 200 MPH club over the weekend. All three were on Motorcycles!  Bergie Frazier Jr. entered his bright green Kawasaki in the APS/G-1350 class and walked away with a green hat and a new record of 202+ MPH. This bike had no blower or NOS, just VP Racing gas so you know this Kawasaki's got BIG HP. Rich Yancy of Yancy Racing has been coming out to Maxton for a while now. Even though his bike has set records over 200 MPH, it was without him aboard. Rich has a little trouble tucking in on this machine, mainly because he's 7 ft. tall or so. Anyway, things are different now because he ran a super 206+MPH pass in the APS/BG-3000 class for this 200 Club hat. Budweiser sponsors this bike so I guess he had a couple of samples Sunday night. I had mentioned in the last newsletter that Todd “ZC” Dross had ridden his good friend Todd Brooks, Double Bussa Racing Suzuki for a record. Well, Mr. Brook’s wife just had a new baby girl and so he let Mr. Dross take it to the races for him. Good move. Todd got in the 200 MPH club with a pass of 205+ on the good-looking Suzuki. Then he took the fairing off, filled it up with VP race gas and ran the fastest, gas class, un-faired pass at Maxton at 202+. It’s going to be hard for Todd to get back on his good looking Sportster now. By the way, good luck on the new addition to the Brooks family and hope to see you next meet Todd.   Also, Todds bike is making a big move up in points and should be in contention all year long.

As is the norm, Mr. Motorcycle, Scott Guthrie came up from Florida with a box full of scooters. As is the norm Scott went back to Florida with 15 new motorcycle records. The fastest was a 193+ pass in A/BG-1000 aboard one of his Kawasaki's. He was on an even stronger pass when one of the pistons went home early. His slowest pass of the weekend was 129+ MPH on a Yamaha he calls Pig (Don't know, didn't ask). Scott was leading the point’s race coming into the weekend, but will have to figure something out in a hurry he's going to stay in the race.

Mark “Mr. Clean” Wolniak is another Harley rider on a Suzuki, and he's getting his money's worth. Mark set 4 new records over this weekend with a fast pass of 173+ MPH in A/G-1000. Marks also doing pretty well in points with three more races to go.

I've got this feeling that we won't be seeing “Dad” Land on a rice grinder anytime soon. At least not while his cast Iron Sportster is running so well. After working all month to fix a small NOS explosion, he and said blue bottle, were back in action. The Lone Eagle Racing entry ran a fast 154+ MPH shot to reset the record in A/PBF-1000. The run was also good for a few points to keep “Dad” in the top 10.  On the way home I thought I saw “Dad” looking through the front windows of a Yamaha dealership. SAY IT AINT SO!  Mike Shedd had his Lone Eagle Racing 1 cylinder Buell was back in action and while not setting a record, is getting closer and closer with his new bike. Mikes best pass was right around 100 MPH. Oh yeah, Thanks for putting a megaphone exhaust pipe on your bike Mike. I'm going to get two 24-volt batteries for my hearing aid! 

Rich Denahm had his show quality Harley out to play again. He set a new record in A/PBG-1350 with this Gregory Town Racing entry. Rich’s best speed was a fast 144+ MPH proving that this bike runs as good as it looks.

Ed Tilley had the smallest bike at the race with this unusual 50cc Aprilla. Ed set another new record at 65 MPH. That's three records in the last two races, and he's having a great time.

Bike # 4007 has moved into the number 1 position in points and set a new record of 180+ MPH in A/PF 2000. Rider George Crim took the Sportster List Race Team Harley for the second fastest pass ever by a Harley at the ECTA.  (Leo Hess ran a great 218+ a few years back) They are going for the bike # 1 plate and may be hard to stop. 

 “Booger” Smith brought down his 1 cylinder Buell Harley for a big weekend. “Booger” set 6 new records and had a fast speed of 111+ MPH. “Boogers” happy.

Lee Tindall was riding the Snart Racing 883cc Harley of owner Larry Young and set a new record at 132+ MPH. Larry and Lee actually took turns upping the record until Lee ran his fast pass.

Rich Grove is a new member of the ECTA and entered his good-looking Kawasaki ZX-12R. Rich got use to the track and made several license passes and ran as well as 185+ MPH before the meet was over. This bike should be able to run over 200 MPH with a little more time. By the way Rich rides for the “Don't be Scared Racing Team” sponsored by Fast Lane Cycles. 

Last of the Motorcycles is the three entries of O.F.O.S. (Old Farts On Speed). Spear headed by Jim “Keno” Cannon and Ken Weaver. While they had a good time over the weekend, and they were not able to set any new records. Maybe they are too old. That being said, TJ Cannon, (Jim's son) was able to make license passes all the way up to 149+ MPH. So maybe there's hope for this team after all. Be careful TJ and if your Mom reads this, that speed is a misprint! 


On to the cars. Brett and Regan Yates were back as usual with their ‘27 T /MR. They had to install a new transmission after the last event and were hoping to run well. Brett put the NOS on and ran a pretty good 177+ MPH. Not good enough to break their own record but good enough for fast car speed of the event. However, Brett was able to set a record in another gas class at 169+ MPH. This record puts the Yates team within points of the points leading Waddell Bros.

Speaking of Larry and Frank Waddell; they were back with their Volvo. The engine was not hurt as bad as it appeared to be last meet and Larry set the B/BFSS record up to a fast 159+ MPH. Frank then got in the car, and while most people couldn't bear to watch, he set another record and didn't hurt anything. Larry’s record keeps them out front in this years points race. I think this is going to get real ugly before the years out. I hope so! Good Job Guys.

Lewis Grubb had his Infinity Q-45 back out again and set a new record in A/GSS at 125+ MPH.   Lewis made his customary 728 runs and had a great time as usual. He's also # 3 in points and looks to be in good shape except for the Old Man and the Roadster.

Yes, Bill Rynd had his 29 Ford out again and had his flat head running very well with a pass of 131+ MPH in XF/BGMR. Driver Ken Davidson thinks there is more, but saving a little for later. Joshua Rynd also was running his Pick Up Truck and remains in the middle of the top 10 in points.

Duncan and Nicholas Stewart have been running a cart in the XL/FS class for many years now. One of there goals has been to run over a 100 MPH with a roto tiller engine. Goal Met! Nicholas ran a 106+ MPH for the new record, then went home and tilled the garden!   Good Job Guys. 

The Lone Star Land Speed Race Team of Dick Jurkowski made it back up from Texas. Dick’s daughter, Monica, who just turned 16 by the way, got to drive the 1967 Camaro first. She did real well with a new record in C/CPRO at 106+ MPH. The old man got in then and set the C/CGALT record at 129+MPH. A great weekend for this team.

 Randy Dupree had his good-looking yellow Lakester running with us again. Driver Keith Turk was able to shift the new Transmission to a record of 167+ MPH in E/FL. Randy keeps trying little things here and there and is getting more and more speed out of the Mercruiser 4 cylinder engine.

“Ace” Allen brought the old BWT comp coupe Chevette after a small mishap couple years ago. Well, “Ace” has got it back together and made a couple of check out passes with the big block powered coupe.  He also set a record at 163+ MPH. This thing has got 200 written all over it.

Clem Roberts and crew had his No Class Racing U/DT back in action again. He made an easy check out pass of 135+ MPH, good for the record, and was looking to go faster when Transmission problems came up again. His crew chief Mike Poteete said they are getting good at taking that thing out. His son “Dammit” said dammit.  I'm hoping they get the problem fixed and make a couple more passes next meet. As there getting ready for B-ville.

Dave Hinni had his Hinni Motorsports ‘86 Dodge Charger back down from St. Louis, MO for the first time in a couple of years. Did real well too. Dave set 5 new “G” records with a best pass of 135+ MPH in G/GCC. His engine builder, Bill Lambros flew down and also set 2 records in the ”G” classes with a best sped of 129+ MPH. on only his second pass down the course. Dave's still not happy though; he was looking for 140 MPH. Maybe you need to lose some of that “Ballast” Dave.

Don and Dick McMeekin had their Buick Skyhawk back down from Ohio again. Don ran a solid 186 MPH in the heat of the day and then trouble set in on the next pass when he put a lot of water in the oil. Hope he can fix it before B-ville. 

Another new Maxton vehicle is the beautiful 32 Ford roadster of Graeme “Rabbit” Bartils. This car has a North Star engine of 280 cubic inches. He was able to get 145 MPH out of it before gas tank problems set in. Very good for a brand new car! 

Philip Franz had his late model Camaro out again with a 402 big block. It ran pretty well with speeds in the 155 MPH range. Philip was having fuel delivery problems and should go faster next time out.

Horace Whitten and friend Bobby Nicks had their Chevy Impala SS’s down for a couple of runs. Both cars ran in the mid 120’s and both could go a lot faster with the proper safety equipment. But they still had a good time anyway.

Well, that's about it for this meet. Thanks to everyone who raced and helped out. Next month is the Bonneville tune up meet, bring your own salt.   Thanks, Lionel

Lionels Corner


Like I said in the newsletter, the May meet has come and gone. That means only 2 months until B-ville! The BWT Team has three vehicles entered, and as of May 29th not a single one has even been fired up yet. Where did the year go?? I’m trying to finish up on a 92” Firebird in time for our June meet (B-ville Tune up). I’ve got tow vehicle problems, trailer problems, time and money problems. So what’s new? John Beckett has our Corvette off the chassis jig and is coming along on it. I think it should be pretty trick for a /GT Class Corvette, we also entered the BWT truck and have started working on a 588” Big Block engine for it. I’m getting a lot of help from Brad Johnson on this one.

Brad is also busy putting some tin work and other things in the SO-AL Racing Camaro of Keith Turks. Keith had Joe Timney put in a new roll cage, 4-link and a quick change rear for the car. Keith has his new 18 degree “D” engine ready to go and is looking for a red hat record. Brad Johnson is also coming along pretty well on his trick, Joe Timney chassised, Street Roadster.

Ace Allen was at our May meet, in the resurrected BWT Comp Coupe Chevette, for shake down runs. Everything went pretty well and he should be ready for B-ville.

Willie Glass was supposed to make the May meet with Red Rash, his new improved Ardun engine, for a B-ville tune up. I guess he’ll be here in June as he prepares for B-ville.

Clem Roberts is pulling the Turbo-400 back out of this U/DT again and we hope to figure out the problem this time. He had a good shake down run, but the trans lost 2nd and 3rd gears. I know how bad he wants to fix it so that he can make some hard passes before B-ville.

Larry Forstall and team are building a custom frame etc. for this big horse Suzuki for a B-ville trip. He’s going with the same engine that ran 235 here. Should be real interesting! I know that the McMeekin Brothers are working hard on their “D” Buick engine. I hope they get a handle on it in time for B-ville.

Dad Land got one new set of “STD” jugs for his cast iron Harley and will again be making the trip to B-ville, along with Mike Shedd and the rest of the GA crew. Maybe they'll get a record this year. You might want to ask “Dad” about the Dual Parachutes he's putting on his sissy bar.

I know there is a lot more stuff going on for the ECTA at B-ville 2002. We'll have a better idea this time next month. Again thanks to all for a great meet. We could not do it without the racers and volunteers!

See ya in June



ECTA Newsflash


So ya wanna be on TV ?


            Well here is your chance. The cameraman from FOX Sports South comming to the June meet. It’s not totally confirmed yet, but I had to let you all know as soon as possible. If you want an opportunity to have your vehicle on TV this could be your opportunity. Were the only venue for LSR on the east coast and if we look good in June there is a good posibility they will be back in the fall.

            Also Jon Amo from “Landracing.com” will be here in June. More fodder for his web site. Jon and his brother Joe are avid bike racers at Bonneville, 223+MPH. Make sure you take the time to say hey.


SCTA/BNI Rule Changes


            Due to a recent  accident at El Mirage SCTA is instituting some immediate rules changes for this year, and will be in effect for Bonneville.

            1) ALL SEATS must be race type seats, securely fastened, and with no more than 1” padding underneath.

            2) In addition to the current limb restraint system: All cars, at all speeds must have 2 arm tethers. All closed cars must have full door coverage: full net or net / panel / member co





Welding 101


This is not easy to explain...bear with me!


Gas Shielding:

The reason you do not want to use argon with a MIG gun is called "low ionization or cold shutting". Argon allows that the gap between the end of the wire and the work be very small when the arc jumps. This causes a small crack at the toe of the weld. The weld will look very good but it can fracture. Using an 80/20, Co2 / Argon mix will cause a high ionization (a bigger gap) and allow the metal to come to temperature before the filler metal hits the area. Straight Co2 will typically have more splatter around the weld as compared to a 80/20 mix.

Stick Welding:

If you burn thru, which is easy welding .125 wall tubing, the metal on the inside of the tube is now brittle because it is not shielded by the flux on the rod. This CAN cause a weld fracture. This is why NHRA has banned the use of stick welding on all racecars.

Mig Welding:

NASCAR uses MIG welding over TIG probably because of the miles of tubing in one of those cars. Teams in the know are now TIG welding the chassis.

We all have had experience welding up cars/bikes that have held up thru crashes and years of abuse using MIG, gas, arc and TIG. Dollar for dollar, I spend the time to TIG all tubing as from education in metallurgy, I have concluded that it is the best welding process for thin tubing. I have a book from a gas supplier outlining the proper uses of
shielding gas and am willing to try to scan some appropriate pages in to my computer if someone would like to see them.

I'm not a teacher so I hope I have explained this so everyone can understand it!



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