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March 2002 - Newsletter

2002 Results
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Fastest Pass Ever

On 2:30 Sunday afternoon a 234.375 MPH run, the Fastest pass ever at Maxton! And on two wheels. Rear tire black marks from the starting line to the finish line. What a great run to finish up a great meet and a great start to the 2002 racing season. We had 51 entries and 353 passes. There were 49 new records either set or broken. We also had our 2001 Awards Dinner & Banquet Saturday night with well over 115 people attending. If you missed it, you missed out on a really great meet, dinner & entertainment. The weather was a little cool Sat. morning, but warmed up fast enough and was just good running weather with very little wind and no rain.

We had 3 new members added to the ECTA 200 MPH club, all aboard metric bikes. The first was long time member Todd Brooks aboard his good looking Hayabusa motorcycle with a run of 204+ and a finial top speed of 212+. The other two new members are a father son Team. Dan & Zack Millholland riding the same Kawasaki had records runs of 202 & 201 MPH. Like I said, just a great weekend and a lot of fun, no major mishaps, seeing a lot of old and new friends.

I guess I’ll start with the Motorcycles since they sort of stole the show. Larry Forstall had his beautiful Suzuki on hand with partner & rider Steve Knecum. They must have worked on this thing all winter to make the kind of horsepower needed to run the numbers they put up. Steve managed to reset 6 records with the slowest at 225+ and the fastest at 234+. Steve and Larry made 12 runs over the weekend with the slowest pass being 202, there first pass of the weekend! Other than rear tire ware this thing was as good as new. In fact, Larry is riding it to a bike get together this next weekend. (Poor Ole Larry can't afford a race bike & street bike both I guess) Out on the course after the meet you could see the heavy black rubber marks running the length of the track!

All right, Forstall & Kencum were the only ones burning rubber for the entire ride. Todd Brooks had his Double Busa Racing Suzuki out again and set 3 records with the fastest being a solid 212 run in MPS/BF-3000. Todd brought this bike as a wreck a couple of years ago. Now it's one of the nicest out here and carried Todd into the 200 MPH club. Money well spent.

Team Millholland, a father and son team (Dan & Zack) brought down there gold Kawasaki 1200. This was another good looking bike and it carried both father and son into the 200 MPH club. A first for us and maybe Land Speed Racing in general. (Same bike, same day, same record).

Of course Scott Guthrie was back up from Florida with four of his many bikes, and managed to set 7 records over the course of the weekend. Scott placed 4th, 7th, and 8th in last years points race. And after the smoked cleared he has a small lead in the race this year. Mr. Guthrie knows how to race for points and he might teach you how, after the season is over of course.

Jim “Keno” Cannon placed 3rd in the points race last year but will take most of the year off to crew for his son. TJ managed to set the record in M/G-100/4 even with this “Handicap” around him. Good Luck TJ, and we will try and keep “Keno” busy doing something else.

Another new comer to our sport is George Leiby of Leiby Racing. He had his 2000 Honda CB-750 out to play and set the record in M/G 750-4. George will get more seat time in the coming events and will go even faster.

Jay Barker of Flying V Racing had a Suzuki 750-4 cyl bike with him this time. He made passes all weekend long and set the P/P 750-4 record at 165+MPH. His friend Wayne Pollack also made some license runs on the bike and can’t wait to get back for the next meet.

Bob Shammas had his 1990 Kawasaki 1100 running in the MPS/BF-1350 class. The record is 208 MPH and Bob managed a strong 201 MPH pass. Close, but no cigar.

Greg Scott also had a Kawasaki 2X-9 out running on the APS/F1000 record of 187 MPH. Greg ran a 187 MPH pass but was 1/10th off the record. Dang it, that’s close.

Mark Wolniak left his good looking Harley at the house and brought his Suzuki GSXR1000 OUT good move, he set the PP 1000 record at 174 MPH Don’t sound nothing like a Harley though.

Lee Shierts of Lees Performance Center in North Carolina had a Suzuki 1000 out and was running on a 194 MPH record. He got it to go a strong 193 but just couldn’t get that extra mile per hour. He'll have it figured out before long.

Rich Yancy of Yancy Racing had his Budweiser Red Hayabusa out and the bike ran a strong 208 pass on a 208 record again were talking 10 th’s here. Maybe Rich can get in the 2 Club in April.

Joe Plummer had another Hayabusa motorcycle and managed to run 196MPH on a 216 record. Not bad for his first race with us. Jaime Borden was riding his 91” Kawasaki on a 205 record. His best pass was a 181 MPH pass. Not bad and it gives him something to work toward.

Sidney Conn of Team Cooked Goose had rebuilt his Motto Guzzi engine over the winter. It paid off BIG TIME with 3 records and a fast pass of 158+MPH in a P/PP class. There are not a lot of these bikes around but Sidney keeps working with them and getting faster and faster.

Now for the good sounding Motorcycles (Oil leaking, parts dropping, hard starting, but GOOD SOUNDING) As usual, there were several Harley Davidson's at the race. Everything from a 1937, 80 inch Flathead to a new Buell 500cc one cylinder. Chris “Dad” Land had worked on his bike over the winter and also added NOS just for giggles. It all paid off with a new record of 143+ in APF-1000. Dad is getting ready for a return trip to B-ville and hopes to be ready by August. His partner Mike “the muffler” Shedd left the old 2 stroke Kawasaki at home (I’m heart broken) so he could race his new 500cc 1 lung Harley. It blew it’s one head gasket out and Mike will have to wait until April to go for the record. Both bikes are from Lone Eagle Racing in Conyers GA by the way.

Todd “zip code” Dross of Twin Jugs Racing had his good looking Harley back down and set a record in the MPS/PF-1000 class. Here’s another Harley that keeps getting faster and faster every time out.

Paul and Karen Batts also were back setting records in the MPS/BG-1350 class with a run of 153+ MPH. Karen made a couple of license runs also. Maybe she will get a couple of records before long. Paul was also riding the Road Kill” entry of the Sportster List Race Team. This is one bad Sportster as Paul set the M/PG-650 record at a strong 172+ MPH shot.

Speaking of the Sportster List Race Team, Sam Darkin had his 88 inch Sportster running very well with 4 new Records in various classes, the fastest of which is now 139+ MPH.

Rich Denham of Gregory Town Racing had his good looking XLH out with us again, he had a few problems and never got a good pass in. Always April you know.

Ken Weaver was back and ran a 130 MPH pass on a 132 record. He had a couple of problems that kept him from going any faster but I think he’ll have it figured out by April.

Our last bike is the Flathead powered Harley of Ben Ellis Racing. Ben had a couple of small problems that got him started real late Sunday, but still ran a 103 MPH on a 107 record. Oh Yeah, I was just kidding about oil leaking and hard starting, “Dad” put me up to it!

Well, enough of getting sand kicked in our face by the bike guys, lets go on to the CARS. Lucky for us Bob Gribble of Muscle Motorsports had his C/CT Thunderbird out again and he and part time driver Bridgetti Krompass made several runs over 200MPH with the best speed of 205+ MPH in C/CT by Bridgetti. Bob also ran a 205 MPH in AA/GCT to up last years record. The 205 MPH was Top Car Speed of the meet.

Brett and Regan Yates, our 2001 points Champions, got off to a good start on the new season. They set 2 records and have a small 20 point lead in this years points race. Brett set the AA/BFMR record at 168+ for the team’s only real hard run of the weekend.

The Shade Tree Racing Team of Larry and Frank Waddell, finished 2nd last year in the points and are second right now after a great run of 163+ MPH in B/FRS. They were working on running even faster when Larry let Frank drive again. OOPS! Either Larry knows when to get out of the car or Frank is just hard on equipment because they broke some pushrods and so forth on Franks only run. Hope they can fix it by April and make another run at the points.

New Member Kris Henderson brought his neat 1959 Jaguar street car over from Tennessee. This is a neat looking old car, and it runs well too! Kris set 2 records over the weekend with a best speed of 172+ in C/FRS. He said he had a great time and will be back soon with more horsepower.

Don McMeekin of McMeekin Bros. Racing was back down from Ohio with their Buick Skyhawk. Don had leaned the motor out in Oct. and burnt some valves and pistons. It's all better now as Don drove to a new record in D/GC at 186+ MPH. As usual Don was looking for more and hopes to find it by the next meet.

Larry Brookshire had his Hammer Time Racing late model Firebird running well in E/PRO. He set his old record up to 153+ MPH. This is with a 258” cast iron small block. Maybe Larry is getting ready for another trip to B-ville?

Grass Roots Motorsports came out to this event to do a story for their great Magazine. They also brought their 1978 Triumph Spitfire Race car with them. After getting through Tech with only a small problem or two, Renne Bryant drove the car to a new record in E/FMS at a 131+ MPH run. They seemed like they really enjoyed themselves.

Philip Franz had his Koenig Bros. Racing ‘87 Camaro back down for some more record attempts. After a few runs, Bill Defoor set the B/GALT record up to 164+ MPH. Philips partner, Jake Koenig has sold his ‘53 Studebaker and is working on a new Corvette. Hope he’s got it ready soon.

Ransom Holbrook had his SHO racing 1989 Ford Taurus back in action and ran a 166+ MPH in the E/BGC class. Ransom’s got the little V6 Yamaha running real well and gets faster every meet.

Bill & Joshua Rynd had there XF/GR and P/Pickup, both running at this meet. While unable to up the record in the Truck class, driver Ken Davidson upped the XF/GR record to 126+ MPH. The old flathead sounded good all weekend.

Lewis “Doc” Grubb had his Infiniti-Q45 back in action and set 2 new records with the car. Lewis finished 10th in points last year and is looking for more this year. His 124+ MPH run has him in 3rd place right now.

Dinosaur Racing had there 1978 Ford Pinto Wagon running in the Real Street Classes and “Booger” Smith set 2 records with the best speed of 94+ MPH in E/FRS. This car proves you can have fun with out selling the farm!

Eastern Cycle Performance had their K/G Lakester out to play and ended up with the record in the class with a 121+ MPH run by owner Bob Wanner.

Pete Brown had his ‘90 T-Bird running. Running in D/FSS class and reset the record to a 126+ MPH run. Pete knows he can’t go much faster with out stepping up on safety equipment. I think he likes running just for the fun of it though.

David Graffunder and son Jason was also entered in the D/FSS class and had the record for a while at 124 MPH. Pete took care of that, but David is finishing up another Flathead for his real racecar, a 1929 Ford Roadster. Maybe he’ll have it finished in April.

Chuck Panner had his V-6 powered ‘82 Camaro running fairly well this meet. His best speed was 153+ MPH and seems to be getting faster every run. Chuck runs at the USFRA Sept. Meet every year, and is having a great time in his Second Childhood Camaro.

Top Speed for a Go-Karts or LX/FS class was the Duncan Stewart Kart at a 93+ MPH run on a 95 MPH record. You know somebody’s lawn mover engine is working it’s heart out to run this fast! Another Kart was also at Maxton and was owned by Terry & Eric Binfield. They had it running fairly well with a best speed of 83 MPH. Take out the Ole File and sharpen the blade, works every time.

Benny Money had his ‘84 Camaro back in action and ran a 170 MPH on a 173 record. Getting closer, but Benny had transmission trouble and could not repair it in time. Benny brought down an electric sweeper and donated it to the ECTA. Hope it helps keep the track clean! THANKS BENNY!!

Tom VanNortwick had his A.C. & Sons Racing 1932 Ford Hot Rod back in action. While he didn’t run as good as he did last year he still ran a strong 136+ MPH on his 140 MPH record. He drives to and from the track and carries all his race equipment in a little trailer. Really neat!

Another USFRA racer is the E/GSS entry of Lawson Bilhardt. It’s a 1990 Super Coupe T-Bird and Lawson ran a best speed of 128 MPH over the weekend. Lawson runs at the USFRA meet in Utah.

Horace Whitten had his 4 door “C” class Impala running well with a 128 MPH pass on a 133 record. I think that this car is faster, but Horace needs a roll bar and a few other safety features to find out. Well that’s it on the cars and bikes, Hope I didn’t forget anybody. Also Thanks to our many Volunteers and we’re always looking for future volunteers, so if you can help let me know. A real great meet and a real safe meet. See you all in April! Got to go put some rebuild kits in a few Holley’s.


Lionel’s Corner

Well the first meet and come and gone and most everyone had a great time. The Awards Banquet and Dinner was very well attended and the food was good! And speaking of get-together's and dinners, we might try and have another one or two this year. It gives everyone a place to meet and shoot the BS. If you like this idea let John Beckett or myself know.

A lot of people just didn't have time to finish up their new projects. The B.W.T. Team has two cars close and we hope to have them out before long. Clem Roberts and Mike Poteete just simply ran out of time on Clem’s UDT, this will be one wild truck when finished. A lot of new engines were still under construction. One is the Ardun “Red Rash” being built by “Wasted Willie” Glass. Speaking of Arduns, “Ardun Bill” is putting the finishing touches on a Blown version of this old engine. Should be fun. Ace Allen has just about finished his Comp Coupe Chevy Chevette, I believe this ones going to be Big Blocked powered. Calvin Smith has put two 900HP Splayed valve Chevy’s in this Streamliner. Says he may bring it back over here and shake it down. It's the one car that I can think of that might regain top speed at Maxton. The motorcycle gang is making it hard on us 4 wheelers. I know there are lots of other new projects in the works and we all hope to see them soon.

Now on to the bitching, while we have had 200+ MPH Bikes & Cars on the race course, we don't need them on the return road! In fact Brad Johnson says there's no need to go any faster than 35 MPH PERIOD! We have a lot of people moving back and forth and kids playing and other vehicles, etc. If the problem doesn’t correct itself post haste we may have to go to the SCTA plan, which means all race vehicles will be towed. So Please SLOW DOWN before we have a problem.

Also, while we want everyone to run, but we can not over look safety issues. Please read your RULE BOOK and get these Cars and Bikes updated. There's some danger involved in racing, hell, I don't know if that don't help make it fun, but lets be as safe as possible. Just because you quit smoking don't mean you can have your gas tank bungee corded in right next to you, so you can check the fuel level easily. Get these Cars and Bikes right because we want you to run and have a good time. Well that's it for this month. Hope everyone had a safe trip home.

See ya’ll in April!


PS: Bring you membership cards to the next meet. Thanks again to our many volunteers!!

ECTA Rules Addendum 2002


Brakes: Modified category and up: A rear brake is required on all bikes. A front and rear brake is recommended. Over 175 mph the vehicle must have two wheel brakes.

Motorcycle overbore: Pg. 45, R) The .020” overbore allowance is no longer acceptable for classification purposes. Modified Frame: Pg. 47, 4) Front fenders may not extend further forward than a vertical line at the front most portion of the front tire.


Roll Cage: Pg 16, Minimum requirements for cage type structure in J, K, & L classes is steel tubing not less than 1” o.d. x .090” nominal wall thickness. T

Tires: Land Speed tires, approved and meeting the minimum requirements, are acceptable in all classes.

VP Fuels

Jimmie Wilson and the ECTA want to thank everyone for their patience while tying to get the new fuel/gasoline operation up and running. We may have had a hick-up or two, but overall things went very well and we will get it all ironed out soon. The availability of a quality gasoline like VP at our events is a huge plus for us all.

Based on the March Meet were trying to determine which gasoline/fuels will be the best ones to bring to the rest of the ECTA meets. You may want to check your VP brochure or the VP web site at www.vpracingfuels.com or e-mail Jimmie at jwilson17@sc.rr.com to give him your recommendation and or requirements for future needs.